Virus Token (VIRUS)

Virus Token (VIRUS) is based on Ethereum blockchain

 There is no value at the moment 

 It was created as an experiment of the cryptocurrency community 

 We want to check how large a community we can create around this token 

 Virus Token is completelly useless now


Let's make Virus

 Token the first crypto viral

Send several VIRUS to ETH wallet addresses you know. 

Let them pass it on. Virus Token is free now. Join us. 

 Join our AIRDROP on twitter and receive 1000 Virus Token

 This is real — and it's 100% transparent

 You're getting completely useless tokens made by token generator

 Here are no whitepapers,  no products, and no experts

What can You do with VIRUS ?

 VIRUS is a standard ERC20 token, so you can hold it and transfer it

 Other than that ... nothing. Just nothing

It is useless and worthless now. But in the future it may have some value.

Virus Token was made to show investors how useless are all tokens created because of world pandemia Covid-19. Don't waste your money for any crypto about Corona Virus. Take our for free.

Let VIRUS be with you

 Have an idea for a Virus Token?

 Contact us at:

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 It's just VIRUS and your Ether that you can send as donate to this ETH wallet: 0xab5430Ce6B1e4ea1cAd620F190f01C06B65fA984  


Virus Token (VIRUS)